Kyrie Irving joined The Bill Simmons Podcast to discuss a variety of topics, including his recovery from surgery and how Boston looks for next season.


Regarding his injury, Irving talked about dealing with an infection in his surgically repaired knee.

"I was leaving the games at halftime because I had eight-hour shifts of antibiotics I had to take for my infection," Irving said. "I had a PICC line in my arm for two months and I'm just like... every day is like OK, I can't necessarily lift, I can't run, I can't do anything. If I didn't have my PICC line in for my infection I would have definitely tried to go after being ready for at least the Eastern Conference Finals."

Kyrie went on to talk about how the Celtics' roster looks for next season. Simmons brought up the flexibility of Boston's lineups, to which Kyrie responded with how good the C's wings are, and how he used the Celtics in NBA 2K "all the time."

"I don't pick anybody else," Irving said. "The starting five is me, JB [Jaylen Brown], Gordon [Hayward], JT (Jayson Tatum), Al [Horford]."

And most importantly for Celtics fans, Irving says he'll be ready to play again "in like a month."

You can listen to the full interview below: