BOSTON — Celtics All-Star point guard Kyrie Irving said he okayed the team’s decision to give Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman a personalized No. 11 jersey, which the wide receiver wore to his press conference after Thursday’s victory. 

Now Irving is hoping the Patriots will send him a No. 11 jersey with “Irving” on the back.

"It passed by me before it got to [Edelman],” Irving said Friday at Celtics practice. "I'm appreciative of him. He's a great person. Hopefully, I'll ask the Patriots if they can give me a No. 11 jersey with my name on the back, just like Edelman. That'd be nice.”

Edelman frequently worked out at the Celtics’ practice facility while serving a four-game PED suspension at the start of the NFL season.  He wore the No. 11 jersey to the podium after his first game back Thursday night - a 38-24 victory over the Indianapolis Colts.

Irving was asked if there’s a brotherhood between Boston sports teams but admitted there are still some boundaries, especially for a New Jersey-raised athlete.

"I can't really comment on other places. Being here for the last year, I can see with all the sports town, we all support each other and want to see each other doing well,” said Irving. "I’m a supporter of the Red Sox but I can't call myself a Red Sox fan being from Jersey. I love the Red Sox and will support there from afar, but East Coast rivalry — woo.”


The Red Sox and Yankees open the American League Division Series on Friday night at Fenway Park.