Las Vegas projects Boston Celtics regular season win total

Las Vegas projects Boston Celtics regular season win total

As the 2018 NBA offseason crawls to a close, oddsmakers have began their build up to the regular season. Las Vegas Superbook released their projected win totals for the upcoming 2018-19 regular season, and Celtics fans will be pleased to see their team with a better record than last year. 

Boston's 57.5 projection is the second highest total in the league trailing only the Golden State Warriors. For a team who was minutes away from an NBA Finals appearance without Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward, 57 wins seems like a fair minimum. 

Based on the projections, the rest of the eastern conference playoffs shakes out with Philadelphia, Toronto and Indiana with home court advatntage, while Milwaukee, Washington, Miami and Detroit round out the bottom half. 

Another notable win total is the arch-rival Lakers projected for 48.5 victories. That places them fifth in the western conference after acquiring LeBron James. 


Kyrie vs Kemba: Who's the crossover king?

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Kyrie vs Kemba: Who's the crossover king?

There may be nothing more mesmerizing to watch in the sporting world than a ball-handling wizard. A guy who has the ball on a string, who can do whatever he wants, whenever he wants. 

Allen Iverson. Jason Williams. Jamal Crawford. Chris Paul. Steph Curry. The list goes on. 

But Kyrie Irving and Kemba Walker are two of the best in the NBA. Not just now, ever. Ahead of their head-to-head matchup tonight, let's take a look at their best crossovers so far this season. 

Watching Walker play is like watching Oprah during a holiday giveaway. You get one! You get one! I guess a lifetime of being told "You're not big enough" makes you want to crossover every moving object in your path. 

Date: 10/17/18
Victim: Donte DiVincenzo

The most impressive thing about Walker's handles is the speed with which he changes direction. This is his patented crossover, the one he used in college to get the nickname Cardiac Kemba. Slide your feet on defense kids.

Victim: Robert Covington

Walker went all the way into his bag for this one. Poor Robert Covington never stood a chance.

Date: 11/6/18
Victim: Trae Young

If you're going to hop around like a baby bird on defese, Kemba's going to roast you faster than can say "should've drafted Doncic." Welcome to the NBA Trae Young. 

Date: 11/9/18
Victim: Robert Covington (again)

What did Robert Covington ever do to you?!?! This vicious hesitation stepback may be the reason Covington is happy he got traded out of the East.

Date: 11/17/18
Victim: Jimmy Butler

Jimmy Butler is one of the best perimeter defenders in the NBA, and Kemba gave it to him all night long en route to a league-high 60 points. Walker got Butler early on with this filthy snatchback crossover.

Kyrie Irving has gone full Uncle Drew this season. With the Celtics' struggling more than expected, Irving has taken on a heavy workload of late. That just means the BPD has been working overtime to clean up the crime scenes he's left behind. 

Victims: Trey Burke, Enes Kanter, Noah Vonleh

Double teams, triple teams, it doesn't matter. Kyrie puts Burke on his back hip and then hits Vonleh with a low-dribble crossover for the scoop and score.

Date: 10/30/18
Victims: Reggie Jackson and Andre Drummond

So nice, he did it twice. Irving dropped Jackson and then had Drummond grasping for air before finishing with an underhand flip shot. 

Date: 11/1/18
Victim: Khris Middleton

Irving did his best impression of Rafa Nadal sliding for a forehand on the clay courts of the French Open with this stepback. He then drew three defenders, whirled around, and found an open Gordon Hayward at his spot on the elbow. 

Date: 11/5/18
Victim: Juancho Hernangomez

At first glance, this looks like simply a blow-by. Watch again. He in-and-outs and puts english on the ball right before he explodes past Hernangomez, draws contact, and of course, he's too nice with the left hand finishes. This is the greatness you start to take for granted watching Kyrie play every night.

Date: 11/17/18
Victim: Ricky Rubio

Down goes Rubio! Down goes Rubio! In fairness, he tripped over Al Horford's shoe, but it actually worked in his favor. Had Horford not been there to stop his momentum, Rubio probably would have stubbled out of the frame. 

Who's the crossover king? The next chapter of the battle takes place tonight when Irving and the C's take on Walker's Hornets.

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How to watch or stream the Boston Celtics vs. Charlotte Hornets game

How to watch or stream the Boston Celtics vs. Charlotte Hornets game

The Celtics hope to make a better showing tonight than they did in Saturday's loss to the Jazz, as they travel to Charlotte to play the Hornets. 



BEFORE THE GAME: At 6:30 p.m., Celtics Pregame Live presented by TD Bank gets you ready for the game with reports from Kyle Draper, Tommy Heinsohn and A. Sherrod Blakely in Burlington, and Mike Gorman, Brian Scalabrine  and Abby Chin in Charlotte. Watch on NBC Sports Boston or click here for the livestream.

AT HALFTIME: Tune in to watch Kyle and Tommy break down the first two quarters on Halftime Live presented by Ace Ticket. Watch on NBC Sports Boston or click here for the livestream.

AFTER THE GAME: As soon as the game ends, tune to Celtics Postgame Live presented by New England Ford for analysis, commentary and player reaction. Watch on NBC Sports Boston or click here for the livestream

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