LeBron takes another shot at Celtics-Lakers refs after OT win

LeBron James

LeBron James still isn't over the injustice that was committed Saturday night at TD Garden.

It's been several days since officials missed a Jayson Tatum foul on James at the end of regulation that would have given the Lakers star a chance to win Los Angeles' game against the Boston Celtics with a pair of free throws.

But there was James after the Lakers' overtime win over the New York Knicks, continuing to lament that the referees cost his team a victory on Saturday.

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"The difference between here and Boston is obviously self-explanatory," James told reporters in his postgame press conference. "... The game was decided by the players. In Boston, the game was decided by the refs."

There's no denying that James and the Lakers got hosed on that play; head referee Eric Lewis admitted that his crew missed the call and that Tatum indeed contacted James' arm on James' last-second layup attempt.

The Lakers shouldn't have been in that situation in the first place, however; they led by double digits late in the third quarter and had a three-point lead with possession and less than 10 seconds remaining in regulation before Patrick Beverley fouled Jaylen Brown on a layup attempt to give the Celtics guard a game-tying three-point play.


Los Angeles also had five minutes of overtime to take matters into their own hands but were outscored by four points in the frame.

So, James can complain all he wants -- as he did on the court Saturday night, after the game on social media, again on social media Sunday night and one more time Tuesday -- but it won't change the fact that his Lakers lost a game they could have won at multiple points Saturday.