Marcus Smart is one of the more vocal players on the Boston Celtics. And in the wake of the NBA's suspension, he is evidently trying to find ways to stay positive.

On Friday night, Smart took to Twitter to offer his followers a "glass half full perspective" on the league's temporary pause. That perspective? That Smart wouldn't be fined any more for a while.

Smart is, of course, poking fun at some of his recent on-court antics that had led to technical fouls, ejections, and fines. Notably, he was displeased with the officials when the C's lost in overtime to the Brooklyn Nets and was fined for angrily approaching them after the game.

Here's a look at that moment, courtesy of the Celtics on NBC Sports Boston Twitter account.

Smart was angry then, but now, he is just bringing this up in a comedic context for NBA fans to chuckle about while the sport they love is on hiatus.

The rest of Smart's message is touching as well, and it does offer some perspective in these difficult times. While the players and fans surely will miss the game, Smart's point about slowing life down a bit and spending time with loved ones is a good one.