The missing piece for the Celtics, according to ESPN's Bobby Marks


After beginning their careers as budding superstars on teams laden with veteran talent, Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown are now the players the Boston Celtics are attempting to build around.

Though each player is having a strong statistical season individually, the Celtics, for the second year in a row, are plodding along as a .500 team; since the start of the 2020-21 season, Boston is 52-53 in the regular season.

But assuming the C's are going to see it through with Tatum and Brown, what's the right direction for the team to go if it's serious about contending in 2021-22?

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Appearing on the latest Celtics Talk Podcast with Chris Forsberg, ESPN Front Office Insider Bobby Marks said that the team has to address its issue at point guard.

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"I think it's such a point guard-driven league," Marks said. "Every team -- contending team -- has a high-level guard, let's just face it."

If the Portland Trail Blazers were to decide to move on from 31-year-old superstar Damian Lillard, would that be something for the Celtics to consider?


"It'll probably cost you Jaylen Brown," Marks said of the second-leading scorer in Blazers history. "It'll cost you multiple picks, it might cost you something else."

Marks said that adding a power forward to compliment Robert Williams III would be a secondary focus for him.

Beyond that, Marks said, the Celtics need to address their overall depth.

"For me, it's do you have playoff depth? There's a difference between playoff depth and regular season depth," Marks said. "Finding veterans to accept the role coming off your bench is hard. It's really hard in this league, but that's how I look at it and kind of build that roster out."

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