Myles Turner's workout with C's players may interest Boston fans


It's officially trade speculation season, folks.

The NBA and its players tentatively agreed Thursday to a 72-game season that begins Dec. 22, and the league reportedly plans to lift its trade moratorium prior to the Nov. 18 NBA Draft.

That means players like Indiana Pacers big man Myles Turner, whose name has been floated in trade rumors, could be on the move soon.

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So, Boston fans may find it notable that Turner recently worked out with young Celtics big men Tacko Fall and Grant Williams, according to videos he shared to his Instagram story Thursday.

Turner tagged both Fall and Williams in the videos, which you can watch on YouTube below:

First: Players on different teams working out together is a common practice of the NBA offseason. Second: It's hard to ignore the context here.

The Athletic's Jared Weiss reported earlier this offseason that Turner may want out of Indiana, while a recent report suggested the Pacers have interest in trading for C's forward Gordon Hayward.

So, does Turner know he's about to be swapped for Hayward and is getting a head start on workouts with his future teammates??


That's pretty unlikely. But the 24-year-old Turner, who led the NBA in blocks two seasons ago and averaged 11.8 points and 6.5 rebounds for the Pacers last season, might be on Boston's radar if it wants to beef up its frontcourt.

At the very least, Fall and Williams have a good idea of where Turner's game is at in case Danny Ainge wants any intel.