Report: Brad Stevens 'didn't entertain' huge offer from Indiana


When the Indiana University basketball coaching job originally opened up in March, there were many rumors that Brad Stevens would be their top target for the job.

At the time, the Boston Celtics were struggling, and many wondered if Stevens would consider jumping ship to get a fresh start back in his home state with a major program. But Stevens wasn't interested (confirming as much in a comical way) and has since helped the C's turn the season around.

Still, it wasn't for lack of trying on Indiana's part. On ESPN's coverage ahead of the Celtics' game against the Golden State Warriors, Adrian Wojnarowski confirmed that while Stevens didn't consider leaving the Celtics, Indiana was prepared to make him a huge offer.

[Stevens] publicly ... came out to say that he was not interested in that Indiana University job that opened a few weeks ago. I was told that Indiana was prepared to offer him seven years, $70 million.

Adrian Wojnarowski, ESPN

Wow. What an attempt at a Godfather offer from Indiana. Nonetheless, Stevens apparently didn't give it consideration, as Wojnarowski confirmed.

"But he did not entertain it," Wojnarowski said. "Leaving the Boston Celtics for a college job, it doesn't make sense. He's in that high-six-, low-seven-million-dollar-a-year range anyway."

This probably won't be the last time some big program makes overtures toward Brad Stevens. But will the money ever be enough to lure him away from the NBA? That's a question worth asking.

More than anything else, this entire situation is demonstrative of Stevens' desire to stay in the NBA.

And more specifically, he wants to remain with the Celtics.