The Celtics appear to be one of the teams with a shot at Kawhi Leonard.

According to ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski, Boston is one of several teams in play to trade for the Spurs guard. Wojnarowski tweeted Thursday morning the Celtics have had assets coveted by San Antonio, and the Spurs are "fully engaged" in trade talks.

Of the "several teams" in the hunt, the Lakers are the other team listed with the Celtics as potential frontrunners.

Yahoo Sports' Jordan Schultz reported Thursday that Leonard has reached out to James and would like to play with him.

Wojnarowski said the Celtics are "extremely cautious" with the uncertainty surrounding Leonard, and his intentions to test free agency, along with his health. The tweet states the Celts don't have "any intention" of making a risky trade.

Yesterday, it was reported the Celtics had made a formal offer, and speculation arose of Jaylen Brown or Jayson Tatum being involved in a potential deal. Kyrie Irving's name was also tossed around following the strong postseason of Terry Rozier.

But, late Wednesday, it had appeared talks between the C's and Spurs were going nowhere. The Boston Herald reported an offer had not been made, and the Celtics had simply made a phone call to inquire.

That narrative shifts with the Celtics as a contender to acquire Leonard, if Thurday's most recent update is to be believed.

However, whether or not Leonard wants to come to Boston -- or will stay beyond a year -- is still a question.

Also Thursday, came word via The Boston Globe's Gary Washburn that Brown hasn't been discussed as part of the deal.

The Spurs aren't a lock to trade Leonard still, and can wait it out and, according to Wojnarowski, attempt to offer a super-max contract worth $219 million.

The "urgency belongs to the Lakers," but Wojnarowski says the leverage can swing. According to ESPN, the Cavaliers, 76ers, and Clippers were also in the running as of Wednesday.