Terry Rozier wins.

Game over.

Sorry, Eric Bledsoe. There wasn't any question as to who won their war of words anyway.

Before the Boston Celtics' Game 1 matchup against the Philadelphia 76ers, Rozier showed up wearing a Drew Bledsoe jersey. Here's a look at Rozier's victory lap.

The (Drew and Eric) Bledsoe-inspired trolling comes after the Celtics eliminated Eric and the Bucks in Game 7 of their playoff matchup. Before the two teams met, Rozier accidentally called Eric Bledsoe, Drew. Eric Bledsoe was none too pleased with Rozier's flub, especially after Rozier showed up Bledsoe early in the series. Bledsoe then pretended not to know who Rozier was.

And so, Rozier seems to have concluded the fued with an exclaimation point.