Three things we learned from Kyrie Irving on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'

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Three things we learned from Kyrie Irving on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'

Kyrie Irving broached a number of topics during his interview with Jimmy Kimmel on ABC's "Jimmy Kimmel Live" on Thursday night. The Boston Celtics guard discussed the All-Star Game, LeBron James, his upcoming "Uncle Drew" movie, his love for musicals and his level of belief of the flat earth theory.

You can watch the interview HERE. Here are three things we learned from Irving's eight-minute interview.


1. He won't rule out reuniting with LeBron James

During the All-Star Game, Irving will team up with LeBron, his former teammate turned division rival. Irving's departure from the Cleveland Cavaliers came with some drama along with reports that Irving no longer wanted to play with LeBron. A trade landed Irving in Boston.

Kimmel asked the guard if he'd ever consider playing with LeBron again.

"In professional sports, anything can happen," Irving said. "You never know."

Irving said he and LeBron "have talked" as Irving was one LeBron's draft picks for the All-Star Game. For those unfamiliar with the new All-Star process, the NBA switched to a draft to determine teams instead of separating players by conference. So Steph Curry and LeBron picked their teams, but the draft was not televised and the order of picks was not disclosed. Many imagine Kevin Durant was the top pick of the draft, including Durant.

"In my mind, I want to say that I got picked No. 1," Irving said. "But in reality, probably not. I'm fine with that."

2. He takes the NBA All-Star Game fairly seriously

No one in their right mind takes the All-Star seriously, right? Well, Irving said he takes the game "somewhat" seriously.

"I have a deep-rooted competitive spirit, so when I go out there, I have matchups you want to specifically go at," Irving told Kimmel. "You want to be prepared as best you can, so it's best to get your sleep the night before."

He added: "Having some fun, but at the same time having that I-want-to-destroy-you attitude. You don't want to get embarrassed out there."

It sounds like he takes the game more than "somewhat" seriously, if he's in full destruction mode.

3. His love for the musical "Rent" is not shared by his Celtics teammates

Irving is a huge fan of musicals. In particular, he loves "Rent."

"I've tried [to play Rent in the locker room]," Irving said. "I get the same, usual stares, like 'What are you listening to?' They're not into it."

Kimmel joked that his teammates probably weren't into the song, "eight-thousand, 250-hundred, 600-hundred minutes."

Irving cracked up and corrected him: "525,600 minutes." It's one of the musical's most famous songs. 

"I'm not a stats guy," Kimmel quipped.



NBC Sports Boston Breakfast Pod: What's the ideal draft night for the Celtics?

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NBC Sports Boston Breakfast Pod: What's the ideal draft night for the Celtics?

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If Michael Porter Jr. falls in the NBA Draft, the Celtics should consider trading up for him

If Michael Porter Jr. falls in the NBA Draft, the Celtics should consider trading up for him

BOSTON – When it comes to the NBA draft, it’s not unusual for a player pegged as a can’t-miss prospect to inexplicably dip on the eve of the draft.

One of the great examples of this was Paul Pierce, considered by most coming out of Kansas as a top-5 talent in 1998 who was on the board when it was time for the Celtics to select at No. 10.

Boston picked Pierce who went on to have a Hall of a Fame-worthy career that includes an NBA title in 2008 and his jersey number 34 being retired by the franchise.

In conversations with multiple league executives and scouts, the player they view as most likely to take a slight draft-night tumble is Michael Porter Jr. who missed most of his freshman season with Missouri after lower back surgery.

Porter Jr. won’t be considered a draft-day tumble unless he’s around when the New York Knicks are on the clock at No. 9.

The Knicks have had a (not so) quiet bromance for Terry Rozier III even before he blew up in the postseason. Marcus Smart, a restricted free agent, is on their radar as a potential target this summer as well.

Putting together a package involving Rozier would make re-signing Smart a more sensible move for the Celtics. And if Rozier became the central trade piece in acquiring the 6-11 Porter Jr., that too would make a lot of sense for the Celtics going forward in their quest to build a roster that has the kind of high-quality, position-less versatility needed to compete and potentially defeat the Golden State Warriors in both the short- and long-term.