The Celtics rather handily dispatching of the Philadelphia 76ers and their 2-0 lead over the Cleveland Cavaliers (ah, remember that?), had some folks giddy enough to think they could get along fine without Kyrie Irving and should maybe look to trade him. 

Such notions were summarily dismissed after the disappointing finish in Game 7 against the Cavs, with hopeful Celtics fans turning toward next season longing for a healthy Irving's return. Still, the voice of the Celtics, Mike Gorman, tells the CLNS Media Network's Celtics Beat Podcast that a Kyrie trade might not be so far-fetched. 

“Certainly, if you’re going to trade Kyrie you get excited because there’s a whole lot coming back,” Gorman told host Evan Valenti. “Danny [Ainge] doesn’t like to put the untouchable label on anybody. I do think [Jayson] Tatum is untouchable myself. It would take some unbelievable offer to get him away from Boston right now. But I think everyone else is in play to some degree.”

With Irving in the final year of his contract next season, Gorman said a healthy Kyrie will go a long way toward determining his future in Boston.

“You’d like to see Kyrie, who’s in a contract year next year, to have the season of his career," Gorman said. "I think the big measurement for Kyrie going forward is how many games can you reasonably get out of him.”