BOSTON – The NBA’s two-minute report is out and the Philadelphia 76ers can not be happy about it, with multiple calls down the stretch that could have potentially changed the outcome in Boston’s series-clinching 114-112 win on Wednesday.

With the score tied at 109 and 41.8 seconds to play, the two-minute report indicated that Marcus Smart “initiates contact with (Dario) Saric and impedes him in the post” which according to the report, was an INC (incorrect non-call).

With Boston ahead 111-109 with 14.6 seconds to play, the report indicates that Aron Baynes “makes contact to Philadelphia’s (Joel) Embiid’s arm that affects his shot attempt near the rim.” The report deemed that an INC (incorrect non-call).

Had the call been made, Embiid would have had a chance to tie the game up.

Instead, he missed the shot and then he missed a tip-in before ultimately losing the ball out of bounds.

The two-minute report indicated that Embiid grabbed Rozier’s jersey with 10.8 seconds to play which would have resulted in a foul being called against Embiid.

Rozier was fouled shortly after that and went to the line and made a pair of free throws.