Watch Celtics coach Brad Stevens' amazing reaction to Embiid's flopping

Brad Stevens on the sideline at Celtics vs. Sixers Game 2.
Getty Images

Flopping is a very frustrating part of sports, and the NBA is no different.

Whether you're a fan, player or coach, no one wants to see flopping. 

Boston Celtics head coach Brad Stevens apparently had seen enough in Wednesday night's Game 2 against the Philadelphia 76ers.

Celtics forward Grant Williams committed a foul on Sixers center Joel Embiid late in the first quarter, and Stevens was not pleased with the call. ESPN captured Stevens' reaction, and it was pretty hilarious.

Check it out in the video below:

It didn't look like Williams made much contact with Embiid, but the C's forward is a rookie and the Sixers center is an All-Star, so we really can't be surprised that the call went in Philly's favor. 

Aside from any flopping by Embiid, there wasn't much for the Celtics to complain about in Game 2 of their first round series. Boston fell behind by double digits early but outscored Philadelphia 101-68 over the final three quarters. Jayson Tatum also scored a playoff career high 33 points and set a new record for most 3-point shots made in a playoff game by a player 22 years old or younger. 

The Celtics will take a commanding 3-0 series lead if they win again Friday night.