Who are most influential figures in Celtics history? Ranking the Top 10


Earlier this month we unveiled our top 10 Celtics by position.

Now we’re taking it a step further and trying to pare those lists down to the 10 most influential Celtics in team history. For these rankings, we added coaches and general managers to consideration given the contributions that came beyond the players on the floor.

What we came up with are the 10 men who most impacted Boston’s title trajectory during their time in green.

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HONORABLE MENTION: In crafting our top 10 list, we were left with a handful of tough snubs, including the likes of Jo Jo White and Sam Jones. We also gave strong consideration to Danny Ainge for his contributions as both a player and general manager.

In early drafts, we had Robert Parish at the back end of our top 10 because of his importance to the 80s Celtics but, ultimately, he got muscled out by somebody whose influence on the team stretches across eight different decades.


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