How's that Tom Brady/Deflategate science fair project working out now for young Buccaneers fan?

How's that Tom Brady/Deflategate science fair project working out now for young Buccaneers fan?

Remember the kid who did his science fair project on Tom Brady and the New England Patriots' Deflategate scandal? Well, he's a Buccaneers fan, and as you can imagine, he's as shocked as anyone that the six-time Super Bowl champion decided to sign with Tampa Bay. 

In that project, Ace Davis "proved" Brady was a cheater and used deflated footballs against the Indianapolis Colts in the 2014 AFC Championship Game. Now that Brady is a Buccaneer, Davis is placing more of the blame on Patriots coach Bill Belichick. 

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"I don't think that Tom Brady was all in it," Ace said, according to ESPN's Jenna Laine.

"But Bill Belichick, I think he made up the plan, and then Tom Brady went through with it," Ace said. "I think it was more on Bill Belichick than Tom Brady. But Tom Brady, he has a bigger name."

Although Ace, now 11, hasn't been too fond of Brady in the past, he's willing to give him a shot at the helm of the Bucs offense. 

"I'll give him a shot all right. And if he starts winning games? Woooooo! I'm gonna be bragggginnnnng," Ace said. "People at school, they're all like, 'Your team sucks' and all that stuff. Ima come back at 'em, 'Now what team sucks?' Well, they don't really make fun of me. It's just kind of like a joke.

"But I'm pretty sure my cousins [who are Patriots fans] are gonna make fun of me about it."

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The young Bucs fan added that he thinks Brady will be outstanding in Tampa Bay, especially since he'll be playing alongside receivers Mike Evans, Chris Godwin and tight end O.J. Howard, whom Ace compared to Rob Gronkowski. ("They're both big, they're both strong.")

Ace's mother Jennie Davis admitted that her son and husband will have a little explaining to do once Brady finally makes his way down to Tampa for the 2020 season.

"Now they're just trying to work on their apology," she said. 

Did Ken Starr take a shot at Patriots during Donald Trump impeachment trial?

Did Ken Starr take a shot at Patriots during Donald Trump impeachment trial?

Monday's closing arguments in the Senate's impeachment trial for President Donald Trump had absolutely nothing to do with sports.

... Until Ken Starr stepped to the podium.

Starr, a member of President Trump's defense team, managed to shoehorn in references to both Deflategate and Major League Baseball's latest sign-stealing scandal while making his closing argument.

"It's fundamental fairness. It's playing by the rules," Starr said Monday in the Senate chamber. "It’s why we don't allow deflating footballs, or stealing signs from the field. Rules are rules. They are to be followed."

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We're not sure what inspired Starr to bring up Deflategate -- the allegation that New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady used deflated footballs in the 2015 AFC Championship Game that eventually led to Brady's suspension -- or the recent sign-stealing scandal that already cost Red Sox manager Alex Cora his job and could implicate Boston in addition to the Houston Astros.

A trial that could lead to removal of a U.S. president doesn't seem like the best platform to rehash New England-area cheating scandals.

But Starr -- the former Baylor University president who resigned in 2016 amid the school's mishandling of rape allegations -- apparently chose those two examples as a means to question whether prosecutors properly followed impeachment proceedings after the Senate rejected Democrats' call for witnesses at the trial.

"Were the rules here faithfully followed? If not, the prosecutors should not be rewarded," Starr added.

Regardless of how the impeachment trial plays out, the Patriots can't seem to stay out of the news -- sports-related or otherwise.

A look back at Patriots' banner night season-openers

USA TODAY Sports photo

A look back at Patriots' banner night season-openers

The Patriots will raise their sixth Super Bowl championship banner on Sunday night - a feat that seemed unfathomable in the first 25 years of the franchise.

One of the spoils of those victories is hosting a nationally televised, primetime opener the following season. It'll happen again Sunday and mark the third time the Steelers - the only other franchise to win six Super Bowls - will have to watch a banner-raising in Foxboro. 

With the NFL bowing to its longest traditional rivalry to open its 100th season on Thursday night when the Chicago Bears hosted the Green Bay Packers, the Pats-Steelers opener will get the "Sunday Night Football" spot on NBC.

The last time they hosted a banner night at Gillette Stadium, in the 2017 opener, the Patriots had some of their all-time greats from their Super Bowl winners - Matt Light, Deion Lewis, Kevin Faulk, and an active player in Julian Edelman, who was injured - appear on the field each carrying a Lombardi Trophy, to assist team owner Robert Kraft in the unveiling. Expect more of the same on Sunday night. Fans are requested to be in their seats by 8 p.m. for the ceremony.