Fantasy football 2020: 12-team mock draft with Rotoworld experts


Our timing was impeccable.

NBC Sports Boston's top fantasy "experts" recently joined forces with our friends at Rotoworld for a 12-team fantasy football mock draft. As fate would have it, we held the draft right before Cam Newton reportedly signed a one-year contract with the New England Patriots.

So, that's why you won't see one of our Boston homers draft Newton way too early. And in reality, Newton-to-New England doesn't upset the fantasy landscape too much: He's still a QB2 in our quarterback rankings, while his wide receiver weapons get a slight boost but still are outside our top 25.

Long story short: We're standing by our mock draft. Here's the format we used: Snake draft, standard scoring (half-point PPR) and a standard roster (one QB, two RBs, two WRs, one TE, one FLEX, one K, one DEF, six bench spots).

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Below are the full draft results, with analysis following each round.


1. Christopher Crawford, Rotoworld

2. Patrick Daughtery, Rotoworld

3. Justin Leger, NBC Sports Boston

4. Darren Hartwell, NBC Sports Boston

5. Davis Mattek, SportsGrid


6. Dave Green, NBC Sports Boston

7. Ryan Provencher, NBC Sports Boston

8. Michael Gallagher, Rotoworld

9. Nick Goss, NBC Sports Boston

10. John Daigle, Rotoworld

11. Hayden Winks, Rotoworld

12. Peter Madden, NBC Sports Boston

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1. Christopher: Christian McCaffrey, RB, Panthers

2. Patrick: Saquon Barkley, RB, Giants

3. Justin: Ezekiel Elliott, RB, Cowboys

4. Darren: Michael Thomas, WR, Saints

5. Davis: Alvin Kamara, RB, Saints

6. Dave: Derrick Henry, RB, Titans

7. Ryan: Dalvin Cook, RB, Vikings

8. Michael: Davante Adams, WR, Packers

9. Nick: Nick Chubb, RB, Browns

10. John: Joe Mixon, RB, Bengals

11. Hayden: Miles Sanders, RB, Eagles

12. Peter: Aaron Jones, RB, Packers

Anaylsis: It's the year of the running back, folks. Myself and Michael were the only two drafters who didn't go RB in Round 1. Sanders at No. 11 overall was an eye-opener, but the young Eagles running back has a ton of upside with Jordan Howard out of the picture.


13. Peter: DeAndre Hopkins, WR, Cardinals

14. Hayden: Travis Kelce, TE, Chiefs

15. John: Kenyan Drake, RB, Cardinals

16. Nick: Josh Jacobs, RB, Raiders

17. Michael: George Kittle, TE, 49ers

18. Ryan: Julio Jones, WR, Falcons

19. Dave: Chris Godwin, WR, Buccaneers

20. Davis: Clyde Edwards-Helaire, RB, Chiefs

21. Darren: Austin Ekeler, RB, Chargers

22. Justin: Tyreek Hill, WR, Chiefs

23. Patrick: Kenny Golladay, WR, Lions

24. Christopher: Mike Evans, WR, Buccaneers

Analysis: If you want an elite tight end, you'll need to spend elite draft capital. Kelce and Kittle both went off the board within the first 20 picks, and that will likely be the case in your draft, as well.


25. Christopher: Adam Thielen, WR, Vikings

26. Patrick: JuJu Smith-Schuster, WR, Steelers

27. Justin: Lamar Jackson, QB, Ravens

28. Darren: Odell Beckham Jr., WR, Browns

29. Davis: DJ Moore, WR, Panthers

30. Dave: Patrick Mahomes, QB, Chiefs

31. Ryan: Melvin Gordon III, RB, Broncos

32. Michael: Chris Carson, RB, Seahawks

33. Nick: Calvin Ridley, WR, Falcons

34. John: Todd Gurley II, RB, Falcons

35. Hayden: Allen Robinson, WR, Bears

36. Peter: Cooper Kupp, WR, Rams

Analysis: Jackson and Mahomes are to QBs as Kelce and Kittle are to tight ends. The NFL's last two MVPs should pay huge dividends as Tier 1 quarterbacks, but neither are falling past the third round.


37. Peter: Mark Ingram II, RB, Ravens

38. Hayden: Robert Woods, WR, Rams

39. John: Amari Cooper, WR, Cowboys

40. Nick: Kyler Murray, QB, Cardinals

41. Michael: James Conner, RB, Steelers

42. Ryan: A.J. Brown, WR, Titans

43. Dave: Courtland Sutton, WR, Broncos

44. Davis: Mark Andrews, TE, Ravens

45. Darren: Jonathan Taylor, RB, Colts

46. Justin: Leonard Fournette, RB, Jaguars

47. Patrick: David Johnson, RB, Texans

48. Christopher: Devin Singletary, RB, Bills

Analysis: I may have reached for Taylor at No. 45, as the Colts rookie will split carries with Marlon Mack. There's a steep drop-off at RB after Ingram and Conner, though, as Fournette, Johnson and Singletary all have injury concerns.



49. Christopher: Zach Ertz, TE, Eagles

50. Patrick: David Montgomery, RB, Bears

51. Justin: DeVante Parker, WR, Dolphins

52. Darren: Darren Waller, TE, Raiders

53. Davis: Tyler Lockett, WR, Seahawks

54. Dave: Raheem Mostert, RB, 49ers

55. Ryan: Le'Veon Bell, RB, Jets

56. Michael: T.Y. Hilton, WR, Colts

57. Nick: DK Metcalf, WR, Seahawks

58. John: DJ Chark, WR, Jaguars

59. Hayden: Cam Akers, RB, Rams

60. Peter: D'Andre Swift, RB, Lions

Analysis: Hayden and Peter hopped on the rookie running back bandwagon by taking Akers and Swift, respectively. That's four rookie RBs off the board in the first five rounds. Rookie rushers have had tremendous success in recent years (see: Elliott, Ezekiel and Barkley, Saquon), so this trend isn't surprising.


61. Peter: Russell Wilson, QB, Seahawks

62. Hayden: Kareem Hunt, RB, Browns

63. John: Terry McLaurin, WR, Washington

64. Nick: Derrius Guice, RB, Washington

65. Michael: Matt Breida, RB, Dolphins

66. Ryan: DeShaun Watson, QB, Texans

67. Dave: Deebo Samuel, WR, 49ers

68. Davis: Dak Prescott, QB, Cowboys

69. Darren: Michael Gallup, WR, Cowboys

70. Justin: Stefon Diggs, WR, Bills

71. Patrick: Keenan Allen, WR, Chargers

72. Christopher: Tyler Boyd, WR, Bengals

Analysis: Prescott at No. 68 is a nice get for Davis: The Cowboys star is the No. 3 QB ahead of Wilson on many draft boards (sorry, Peter) and has an average draft position in the 50s. Either way, Wilson and Prescott should be the next two QBs taken after Jackson and Mahomes.


73. Christopher: Sony Michel, RB, Patriots

74. Patrick: Marquise Brown, WR, Ravens

75. Justin: Hunter Henry, TE, Chargers

76. Darren: Josh Allen, QB, Bills

77. Davis: Will Fuller V, WR, Texans

78. Dave: Jarvis Landry, WR, Browns

79. Ryan: Jared Cook, TE, Saints

80. Michael: Ke'Shawn Vaughn, RB, Buccaneers

81. Nick: Austin Hooper, TE, Browns

82. John: Alexander Mattison, RB, Vikings

83. Hayden: J.K. Dobbins, RB, Ravens

84. Peter: A.J. Green, WR, Bengals

Our takeaway: For those keeping track, we're up to six rookie running backs with Vaughn and Dobbins going in Round 7. Dobbins will lose carries to Ingram but is a solid get for Hayden at No. 83 considering how much Baltimore relies on the running game.


85. Peter: Rob Gronkowski, TE, Buccaneers

86. Hayden: Marvin Jones Jr., WR, Lions

87. John: Evan Engram, TE, Giants

88. Nick: Julian Edelman, WR, Patriots

89. Michael: Darius Slayton, WR, Giants

90. Ryan: Jordan Howard, RB, Dolphins

91. Dave: Ronald Jones II, RB, Buccaneers

92. Davis: Damien Williams, RB, Chiefs

93. Darren: Kerryon Johnson, RB, Lions

94. Justin: James White, RB, Patriots

95. Patrick: Brandin Cooks, WR, Texans

96. Christopher: Matt Ryan, QB, Falcons

Analysis: Peter clearly didn't refer to our tight end rankings before making Gronkowski the ninth TE selected. If Gronk and Tom Brady recapture their pre-2018 magic, I owe Peter an apology, but in my humble opinion, this is too soon to take a 31-year-old tight end who hasn't played in a year and a half.



97. Christopher: John Brown, WR, Bills

98. Patrick: Tyler Higbee, TE, Rams

99. Justin: Christian Kirk, WR, Cardinals

100. Darren: Marlon Mack, RB, Colts

101. Davis: Anthony Miller, WR, Bears

102. Dave: Sterling Shepard, WR, Giants

103. Ryan: Tom Brady, QB, Buccaneers

104. Michael: Diontae Johnson, WR, Steelers

105. Nick: Phillip Lindsay, RB, Broncos

106. John: CeeDee Lamb, WR, Cowboys

107. Hayden: Carson Wentz, QB, Eagles

108. Peter: 49ers D/ST

Analysis: In a reversal of real life, Brady follows in Gronkowski's footsteps one round later. A QB like Drew Brees or Matthew Stafford probably would have been a safer bet, but this is NBC Sports Boston, after all. Brady wasn't making it past Round 9 or 10.


109. Peter: Tarik Cohen, RB, Bears

110. Hayden: Hayden Hurst, TE, Falcons

111. John: Mecole Hardman, WR, Chiefs

112. Nick: Emmanuel Sanders, WR, Saints

113. Michael: Jerry Jeudy, WR, Broncos

114. Ryan: Jonnu Smith, TE, Titans

115. Dave: Jalen Reagor, WR, Eagles

116. Davis: Tony Pollard, RB, Cowboys

117. Darren: Mike Williams, WR, Chargers

118. Justin: Latavius Murray, RB, Saints

119. Patrick: Mike Gesicki, TE, Dolphins

120. Christopher: Darrell Henderson Jr., RB, Rams

Analysis: If you're looking for a mid-tier tight end, now is the time to strike. Hurst, Smith and Gesicki all are low-end TE1s with decent upside. I'm preferable to Gesicki, who could thrive with Tua Tagovailoa if the rookie QB takes over in Miami.


121. Christopher: Daniel Jones, QB, Giants

122. Patrick: Jamison Crowder, WR, Jets

123. Justin: Tevin Coleman, RB, 49ers

124. Darren: Justin Jefferson, WR, Vikings

125. Davis: Chase Edmonds, RB, Cardinals

126. Dave: Dallas Goedert, TE, Eagles

127. Ryan: Matthew Stafford, QB, Lions

128. Michael: Preston Williams, WR, Dolphins

129. Nick: Noah Fant, TE, Broncos

130. John: Damien Harris, RB, Patriots

131. Hayden: Henry Ruggs III, WR, Raiders

132. Peter: Drew Brews, QB, Saints

Analysis: Peter redeems himself here by snagging Brees at No. 132 overall. Recent comments notwithstanding, the Saints QB is a top-10 talent and a steal at the end of Round 11.


133. Peter: Devonta Freeman, RB, FA

134. Hayden: Sammy Watkins, WR, Chiefs

135. John: Brandon Aiyuk, WR, 49ers

136. Nick: Duke Johnson, RB, Texans

137. Michael: Baker Mayfield, QB, Browns

138. Ryan: Steelers D/ST

139. Dave: Aaron Rodgers, QB, Packers

140. Davis: N'Keal Harry, WR, Patriots

141. Darren: Robby Anderson, WR, Panthers

142. Justin: Golden Tate, WR, Giants

143. Patrick: Ben Roethlisberger, QB, Steelers

144. Christopher: T.J. Hockenson, TE, Lions

Analysis: Bring on the defense/special teams units! Ryan broke the ice by making Pittsburgh the first D/ST off the board, which in Round 12 is hardly a reach. There's also a lesson here about QB depth: Mayfield and Roethlisberger both have top-10 QB upside yet were still around in the 130s and 140s.


145. Christopher: Zack Moss, RB, Bills

146. Patrick: Justin Jackson, RB, Chargers

147. Justin: Ryan Tannehill, QB, Titans

148. Darren: Boston Scott, RB, Eagles

149. Davis: Harrison Butker, K, Chiefs

150. Dave: Hunter Renfrow, WR, Raiders

151. Ryan: Justin Tucker, K, Ravens

152. Michael: Antonio Gibson, RB, Washington

153. Nick: Ravens D/ST

154. John: Jimmy Garoppolo, QB, 49ers


155. Hayden: Greg Zuerlein, K, Cowboys

156. Peter: DeSean Jackson, WR, Eagles

Analysis: Once the defense dam breaks, the kicker flood usually starts one round later. This draft was no exception, with Davis "kicking" things off by nabbing Butker at No. 149.


157. Peter: Michael Pittman Jr., WR, Colts

158. Hayden: Bills D/ST

159. John: Colts D/ST

160. Nick: Wil Lutz, K, Saints

161. Michael: Patriots D/ST

162. Ryan: Curtis Samuel, WR, Panthers

163. Dave: Saints D/ST

164. Davis: Cowboys D/ST

165. Darren: Rams D/ST

166. Justin: Bears D/ST

167. Patrick: Chiefs D/ST

168. Christopher: Matt Prater, K, Lions

Analysis: Having already taken care of his defense and kicker, Ryan used the last round to nab a potential sleeper in Samuel. If you go this route, you'll generally have the pick of the skill position litter while the rest of the league fills out their rosters.


169. Christopher: Buccaneers D/ST

170. Patrick: Zane Gonzalez, K, Cardinals

171. Justin: Robbie Gould, K, 49ers

172. Darren: Michael Badgley, K, Chargers

173. Davis: Kenny Stills, WR, Texans

174. Dave: Matt Gay, K, Buccaneers

175. Ryan: Jack Doyle, TE, Colts

176. Michael: Younghoe Koo, K, Falcons

177. Nick: Brian Lewerke, QB, Patriots

178. John: Ka'imi Fairbairn, K, Texans

179. Hayden: Breshad Perriman, WR, Jets

180. Peter: Mason Crosby, K, Packers

Analysis: It wouldn't be a fantasy draft without a pick from left field, and Nick went into the parking lot to find Lewerke, who clearly will beat out Newton, Stidham, Hoyer and J'Mar Smith for New England's starting QB job.