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HeadSTRONG: Faces of Movember
NBC Sports staffers grow their mustaches in the month of November to support men's health
NHL stars discuss the importance of mental health
Stars from around the NHL talk about the pressures of being under the intense spotlight, and making sure they focus on their mental health and well-being
Clint Malarchuk: Dealing with tragedy with EMDR therapy
Former NHL goalie Clint Malarchuk has dealt with the mental anguish of his near fatal injury on the ice since the incident occurred. In this video, EMDR therapy has proven helpful to cope with the mental...
Prince William a leading advocate on mental health in the PL
Prince William has been a key driver in the Premier League's attention to mental health, starting with the program "Heads Up". Watch the extended version before EPL on Sunday on NBCSN.
The Celtics organization on the importance of mental health
The NBA has been at the forefront of professional leagues focusing on the mental health of its' athletes. The Celtics are one of the teams that has embraced the shift.
Making Connections: Legends of Lawndale
The Movember Foundation has funded an initiative through the Prevention Institute called ‘Making Connections for Mental Health and Wellbeing Among Men and Boys’ that has 14 community-led projects working to...
Rob Krar: Running with Depression
Legendary Canadian ultrarunner Rob Krar has joined forces with the Movember Foundation to raise awareness of the crisis in men’s mental health. Rob became a star in the ultra-long-distance running world...
Brandon Marshall's Gym Meditation
We catch up with Executive Producer Brandon Marshall as he leads a meditation class at his facility “House of Athlete”. Brandon also discusses his own personal mental health issues and a career after...
Brandon Marshall: A Pioneer of Mental Awareness in Sports
Mental health is part of the national discussion thanks to athletes like Kevin Love, Michael Phelps and DeMar DeRozan. But the first prominent athlete to reveal his struggles may have been Brandon Marshall...
Solomon Thomas struggle after abruptly losing sister
San Francisco 49ers defensive lineman Soloman Thomas talks about the devastating mental toll that was left by losing his sister, and the story of advocating for suicide prevention
Hayden Hurst's Dogs: “Man’s Best Therapy”
Baltimore Raven TE Hayden Hurst showed us in HEADSTRONG: Mental Health and Sports how he uses his struggles with mental health to help kids in his hometown of Jacksonville, FL.
Justise Winslow Clinic: Helping the Hometown that Helped Him
Every summer Justice Winslow holds a clinic for kids in his hometown of Houston. In this HEADSTRONG EXTRA, you’ll see how the clinic, run by his mother and a childhood friend helps the community.
Time in the weight room key to mental health of Hayden Hurst
Ravens tight end Hayden Hurst's dedication in the weight room is a key factor in maintaining his mental health. Hurst's high school coach admires his work with young people in talking about their problems.
Nathan's Pregame Ritual: “Remembering Lost Friends”
- In HEADSTRONG: Mental Health and Sports, you saw how former Oregon State soccer player Nathan Braaten turned a teammate’s suicide into a conference-wide movement helping students deal with mental health...
Evan Munn: “Carrying the Mental Health Torch on Campus”
Former Oregon State soccer player told us in HEADSTRONG: Mental Health and Sports how he turned depression after a teammate’s suicide into a movement. That young man, Evan Munn, is now a leader of #...
Clint Malarchuk's Wild Horses
As a young boy in Alberta, Canada, Clink Malarchuk wanted to be either a cowboy or a hockey player. He became both. After an 11-year NHL career as a goalie, he now runs a ranch in western Nevada.
Justise and Son of a Saint: “Being a Big Brother”
Son of a Saint is a New Orleans based organization that provides mentors for boys growing up without a father. Former Duke star and current Miami Heat forward Justise Winslow is one of those mentors.
Robin Lehner: “Mentally Ill Doesn’t Mean Mentally Weak”
Robin Lehner has been a successful goalie in the NHL. Last season, he led the Islanders to the playoffs and won the league’s Masterson Trophy, given to the player who exemplifies perseverance and...
Clint Malarchuk: Living Through a Traumatic Event
Former goalie Clint Malarchuk preaches awareness by promoting that mental illness is a disease not unlike other life-threatening physical conditions. Malarchuk survived one of hockey’s most horrific...
Hayden Hurst: Sharing His Story to Help Young People
Ravens TE Hayden Hurst is not the first athlete to battle depression, but a tragic family history made Hayden’s inability to perform in his first career choice even more frightening as dark moments followed...
Hayden Hurst: A Field of Dreams Becomes One of Nightmares
Prior to the Ravens selecting Hayden Hurst in the 1st Rd of the 2018 NFL Draft, the kid from Jacksonville had already been one of the nation’s top pro baseball prospects in the Pittsburgh Pirates system.
Justise Winslow joins NBA Players discussing Mental Illness
The NBA has been at the forefront addressing mental health has a priority. Players and Commissioner Adam Silver have discussed mental illness as a possible epidemic for young people. Winslow revealed his...
Nathan Braaten: Finding Answers At Schools
Colleges have long been a hotbed for independent thinking. It often starts with strong student speaking out. Two such students at Oregon State have ignited attention regarding mental health among college...
Former Northwestern player Torri Stuckey focuses on others
Torri Stuckey played football at Northwestern and has dedicated his post-playing career to helping others.
Nathan Braaten: Starting a Mental Health Revolution
Spurred by tragedy and his own inner struggle, Nathan found power with fellow students to inspire awareness to a lurking demon on college campuses.
Clint Malarchuk: Hiding Mental Anguish in ‘Old School Ways’
As 11-year NHL veteran Clint Malarchuk discusses, there was a time when hyper-focused athletes were expected to tough it out, be the hero and endure anything that came their way.
Damian Lillard: Support from the NBA with mental health
Portland trail Blazers All-Star guard Damian Lillard discusses the great support the NBA provides for players in addressing mental health and fitness, including the first step of acknowledging any problems
Russell Wilson
Seattle Seahawk Russell Wilson seemingly has it all: A Super Bowl trophy, a record setting contract, and a marriage to a beautiful pop-star, Ciara.
Zach Okun: Losing the Joy of Sports
Zach Okun, an offensive lineman for Oregon, felt lost when playing football was no longer a joy in his life
Brian Johnson – “They Might Not Trust Me Again”
One year ago, pitcher Brian Johnson was celebrating a World Series Championship with his teammates. Johnson, who appeared in 38 games for the Red Sox, did so only after getting counseling for anxiety and...
Adrian Peterson: Longevity a product of putting int the work
Washington Redskins running back Adrian Peterson talks about the importance of hard work in the gym contributing to his long career and mental well-being.
Big Names on Mental Health
This week, the NBC Sports Regional Networks premier a new documentary which examines the way sports are helping us to look at Mental Health issues in society. It is called HEADSTRONG: Mental Health and...
HEADSTRONG: Mental Health and Sports Full Trailer
A full-length documentary that explores the stigma around mental health and hopes to shed light on the need for athletes, and everyone, to admit that struggles with emotional and mental issues are part of...