BOSTON -- Brad Marchand has insisted several times over the last two years that he doesnt enjoy the Marshmont nickname coined by the Felger and Mazz Show on 98.5 the Sports Hub last season.

The Bs second-year forward reinforced the distaste for his nickname again after Tuesdays win over the New Jersey Devils, and the wish that it would just go away.

A dippy phone caller to the Felger and Mazz Show last season went into a tirade ripping the Bruins pest after taking Mike Felgers lead when Marchand was still trying to prove himself as a rookie catalyst.

The butchered Marshmont sound clip with the caller ignorantly saying I dont like Marshmont became a sound byte that the sports radio show played over and over again when the winger came up in conversation, and the pesky winger doesnt seem to dig the liberties taken with his last name.

A recent New England Hockey Journal story revealed that Marchand preferred the Nose Face Killah nickname coined by Barstool Sports over the Felger and Mazz-concocted moniker, and Marchand reinforced his distaste for the Marshmont name following Bostons sixth win in a row Tuesday night.

Whatever makes them feel cool about themselves, I guess. I think it could be seen asdisrespectful. They know I don't like it and they calling me that. I'm not disrespecting their name or anything, said Marchand without a hint of a smile or the slightest whiff of amusement. They can call me whatever they want, but I won't be talking to themFelger and Mazz ifthey keep calling me that. I'm not fond of the name."


Marchands teammates endearingly call him Squirrel or Nose Face Killah along with the Andrew Ference-inspired Honey Badger, but it seems nobody aside from the top-rated afternoon radio hosts call him Marshmont around the hockey club. Hed like them to stop, but its doubtful his dislike for the nickname is going to encourage anybody to store it away for good.