Presented By Dunkin' Donuts

Was it surprising to see Rob Gronkowski take to Twitter Monday night and point out that his contract over the next four years kinda sucks compared to what he could command?

Yeah. At first.

But when you look at the rest of Gronk’s timeline, you realize tweeting about business isn’t the exception for Gronk. It’s the rule.

Prior to the tweet that said, in essence, “Hey, the Patriots picked up an option that is really a pay cut; good thing I don’t play tight end for the money …,” Gronk promoted his new animated series on Nickelodeon, hyped a giveaway related to the video game app “Mobile Strike,” provided a link to him making commercials for Oberto Beef Jerky, plugged next month’s Gronk Gala, shared an image of him doing an ad for a nutrition drink and sent out a round of thank-yous after the Gronk Cruise.

That’s all business, that’s all endorsement-related income for Gronk Inc.