When it comes to the New England Patriots, former New York Jet Bart Scott does not shy away from voicing his opinion.

On Showtime’s “Inside the NFL,” Scott questioned Bill Belichick after he let go of Jamie Collins and Chandler Jones, especially now that the Patriots defense is “vulnerable.”  

“You have to ask yourself, ‘Did Bill Belichick outsmart himself letting go of Jamie Collins and Chandler Jones?',” he asked. “I think we all agree at this table that these are elite players and we’ve seen him do this before with Lawyer Milloy, Richard Seymour. Sometimes coaches think it’s more about themselves than it is actually about the players. Great players make great coaches, right? And sometimes they outsmart themselves.”

Scott also told the panel that he wouldn’t want to risk his career for Belichick if he was a member of the Patriots.

“If I’m a young player out there, I’m not going to play injured. I’m not going to play if I need surgery because I know that he doesn’t value me," said Scott. "I know that he’ll ship me out like anybody else. If you’re not a part of that core four, core five which is pretty much Patrick Chung, [Tom] Brady, [Rob Gronkowski], [Rob] Ninkovich and [Devin] McCourty, you can be traded tomorrow. So, I’m not going to go out and put my career and my season on the line because I know he’ll get rid of me. He doesn’t value me. I’m expendable.


“There was no reason to get rid of Jamie Collins. We talk about Jamie Collins being one of the best, most athletic, talented players on the team, in the NFL. He didn’t value him. So if I’m a young player, I’m not risking myself and my body for Bill Belichick because he doesn’t care.”