The Patriots released a video of their locker room celebration following Thursday night's win over the Texans, and few people were happier than Bill Belichick.

The video can be found on

"That's everything we wanted to do," Belichick said. "You did it. Sixty minutes. You showed a lot of mental toughness, a lot of discipline to just keep doing it over and over again. We talked about that running game breaking open in the fourth quarter . . . That was a great job. Defense, can't do any better than that. No points. Big plays in the kicking game."

Later, Belichick looked to hand off the game ball saying, "We got another one. Where is he?" 

When he found rookie quarterback Jacoby Brissett, he gave him the football -- similarly to when Brissett handed Belichick the game ball after rushing for his first-career touchdown -- and then a bear hug. 

The end of the video provides a little recognition for one of the behind-the-scenes coaches most responsible for Brissett's development as a pro. Assistant quarterbacks coach Jerry Schuplinski has been responsible for working with young quarterbacks over the course of the last few years, and this year he has spent a lot of time with the third-rounder from North Carolina State.

"Where's Jerry?" Belichick asked. "Great job. Great job."

You can learn more about Schuplinski and his role in our piece on him from Friday