FOXBORO -- Bill Belichick seems to be taking a wait-and-see approach with newly acquired veteran running back Steven Jackson.

The Patriots coach fielded several questions about the 32-year-old back. His general response to the barrage: "We'll see."

"I think his career speaks for itself," Belichick said. "We'll see where it goes."

Belichick did note that Jackson has a bit of a head start on what he'll be asked to do in that he has already spent a year in their offense. In 2011, he played under Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels, who held the same title for the Rams that season. 

"He has a lot better background on the offense than a lot of the guys that we bring in," Belichick said.

The Patriots met with Jackson in Las Vegas before the 2004 NFL Draft, but Belichick said that New England's file on Jackson has been updated after his season with McDaniels.

"Josh was with him in St. Louis so that's much more of a factor -- in our offense as an NFL player," Belichick said. "We had a great visit with him in Las Vegas. I'm not taking anything away from that. I don't think there's any question about Jackson's intelligence, work ethic, character or anything. He was a great player. Where he is now? I don't know." 

Though Jackson has some experience with the system he's just walked into, it has been almost a full year since his last NFL game. Asked about the challenges Jackson may face getting back on the field, Belichick said only time would tell.



"That's a great question," Belichick said. "We'll see. It's been a long time since he's been on the football field."