FOXBORO -- Bill Belichick is often reluctant to delve too deeply into game-plan specifics, as any coach is, in order to maintain some advantage over his opponents. But this week? Keeping secrets isn't the priority, he says. 


This week the Patriots will travel to West Virginia for joint practices with the Texans, who are led by coach Bill O'Brien (former Patriots offensive coordinator) and defensive coordinator Mike Vrabel (former Patriots linebacker). There's no concern about showing too much in the joint workouts because both teams are already so familiar with each other that there's simply very little to reveal. 

Even with a regular-season matchup in Week 3 looming, Belichick seemed as though he couldn't have been less worried about what his team would unveil at The Greenbrier resort on Tuesday and Wednesday.

"Bill and I have talked about it," Belichick said. "I mean, honestly I don't think it's that big of a deal. I think this is another event that's hyped up by a lot more of the people who are watching it than the people who are involved in it. Look, we've played this team three times in the last two years. Half their coaching staff coached here. It's not a big secret how we run a certain play or how we coach a certain defense. I'm sure they're coaching it the same way that we played against them.

"That's not really what this practice is about. That's not what August is about. It's about building your team's conditioning, building your team's fundamentals, building your team's awareness of how to play together against good competition. That's what we'll do this week. We're not gonna show 'em our triple reverse and they're not gonna show their triple safety blitz and a bunch of other garbage. That's not what this is about. It wouldn't be about that with any team, but it's certainly not about that with these guys.


"They're a tough, sound, fundamental football team. We've seen that, and we know that from their coaching staff, and the way they prepare, and they way they coach, and the way we've competed against them. This is about us trying to get better and them trying to get better, and when we play them in the regular season, then we'll gameplan and we'll strategize and we'll do everything we can to win the game. They'll do the same thing. That's not really what this week is about."

"Bill and Mike probably know our calls as well as we know 'em. And I'm sure we know a lot of the ones they use because they're the same ones they use. But that's so overrated in my opinion. Not in everyone else's, but in mine. I'm just trying to get our team better this week. That's what we're gonig to try to do. The rest of it, that's like way less than one percent in my mind."