FOXBORO -- Several different Patriots players have weighed in with their thoughts on recent nation anthem protests around the NFL, and Devin McCourty and Martellus Bennett chose to make a statement of their own immediately after the playing of the Star Spangled Banner on Sunday night. 

The most recent Patriots player to check in with his take on the issue is their most famous one. 

In an interview with Esquire, Tom Brady was asked for his thoughts on the anthem protests, knowing "you're not going to get too political here."

"You're right, I don't want to get very political with that!" Brady replied. "I always choose to stand and reflect, at a moment like that, on the blessings that I've had. That's how I choose to express how I feel toward the people that have sacrificed for us.

"I think we live in a wonderful country. It's certainly not perfect. I don't think any country is perfect. It's our responsibility to do the best we can do to change the things we don't like. I think that's part of social responsibility, and everybody is going to do that in their own way."