Brandon Meriweather’s five fines and two suspensions were enough to paint a pretty clear picture that he took some shots during his NFL career. 

But what does a hard-hitting safety do at the Pro Bowl, where defense is non-existent and hard-hitting is discouraged? Take the other kind of shots. Apparently like everybody else.


Making his weekly appearance on Toucher & Rich Wednesday, the former Patriots, Bears, Redskins and Giants safety said he learned in his two Pro Bowls that players are fixing to “get dead drunk before” the annual all-star game.  

[Editor’s note: For those who haven’t left the Northeast or don’t listen to music, “finna” is a colloquialism meaning “fixing to.”]

“I went to [my first Pro Bowl in 2010] and some people were like, ‘Look, man. I’m playing dead serious. I’m finna win this,’" Meriweather said. "And a lot -- most players are like, ‘Man, I’m finna get dead drunk before the game, man.’ They ain’t playing nothing." 

Asked which mentality he had, Meriweather responded, “depends on the year.”

“My first year going, I didn’t know what to expect,” he said. “The first couple of plays I was in, players were like, ‘Hey, chill out. What are you doing, man?’ After that, the next year I was like, ‘Man, I’m chilling. Ain’t nobody going to be playing hard. I’m chilling.’”

Meriweather said that before his second Pro Bowl the next season, he took “a shot or two.”


“It was just something to warm me up before the game,” he said.