Even if you’re on to the offseason, here’s a leftover from Sunday/Monday that I thought was interesting.

Remember how CBS cameras captured Broncos tight end Owen Daniels eyeballing the field just before halftime after the Patriots took a knee and headed for the locker room? Turns out, Daniels was getting ready to play defense just in case the Patriots about-faced and ran another play with the Broncos not paying attention.

It was a ruse that Daniels was wary of because the Ravens planned to do it last year in the playoffs against Pittsburgh.

“We had set up a situation where, in (Heinz Field the Steelers) exit right behind their bench,” Daniels explained. “It was set up to where if somehow, someway we get the ball at the end of the half by the tunnel that we go out with time enough where we’re just going to take a knee, we were going to take a knee, act like we were walking off, have them go off, come back, snap the ball and run for a touchdown. That was our plan.

“New England has always got something up their sleeve,” added Daniels. “Kind of the same situation. Our guys were kind of exiting and getting away. (Head coach Gary Kubiak) was right there doing the same thing, so I was just making sure I was ready to make a tackle. I was making sure they weren’t doing that, because you never know.

“I wouldn’t put it past them because we tried to do that same thing,” he added. “That was what I was looking at. I know that’s kind of out there, but hey crazier stuff has happened. I was aware of it just because I had been in that situation last year. We tried to do that to another team, so I was kind of alert to that.”

How ironic is it that the Ravens were planning that subterfuge against the Steelers, yet a week later, after the Patriots confused them with formation chicanery that had been run in both the NFL and college in recent years, Ravens coach John Harbaugh got himself in a self-righteous snit about the Patriots loopholing his team. I mean, which is more lowbrow and puts officials in a worse position, what the Patriots did or what Baltimore intended to do?

You just can’t make this stuff up.