Pro Football Hall of Fame head coach Bill Parcells is not one of three finalists for  the 2016 induction into the Patriots Hall of Fame.

On Quick Slants the podcast -- recorded prior to the nominees being announced -- Tom E. Curran discussed Parcells’ candidacy with Patriots Hall of Fame receiver Troy Brown, who played for him. Curran made a case for Parcells falling short due to actively competing against the Patriots as head coach of the New York Jets immediately following his New England tenure.

“What are you really judging him on as to be a part of the Patriots Hall of Fame? Is it what he did for this franchise while he was here, or what he did for it while he was gone?” Brown said. “He’s in the same division as the New England Patriots coaching the New York Jets, which we despise and hate. And, which I’m probably sure why he doesn’t get a lot of the votes to get him into the Patriots Hall of Fame.

But if you set all that stuff aside and you want to be professional about it, and you want to be pretty objective about putting him into the Hall of Fame: what did he do for the New England Patriots?”

“Before the team he brought here in ’93 even set foot on the field, I think they were setting record for attendance at Patriots training camps,” Brown said. “After his first season we were in the playoffs. Within four seasons — young team — he had us in the Super Bowl.”


Parcells left New England for the New York Jets after that Super Bowl appearance, a loss to the Green Bay Packers.

Listen to the entire interview starting at the 22:41 mark in the player above. Or search CSNNE on iTunes.

Raymond Clayborn, Mike Vrabel, and Kevin Faulk are the three nominees for 2016. Fans can cast their votes at