It seems as if everyone has shared their opinion on Tom Brady's situation over the past few months.

Former Pro Bowl cornerback Champ Bailey did just that on Fox Sports Live Thursday night, and took the Patriots quarterback's side.

"I don't think Tom Brady should've been suspended, maybe fined, but not suspended," said Champ Bailey. "Four games is a little harsh for something you think he did. If they had concrete evidence that he did something like this, maybe you suspend him. Going forward, I don't see any situation where Tom Brady should've been suspended for something someone else said. I just don't get it."

When Roger Goodell finally decides to share his verdict, Bailey hopes to see Brady walk out with just a fine.

"I think he drops the suspension and I think the NFLPA might have something to do with this because it seems like they're trying to nudge the NFL into the direction of just fining him instead of suspending him.

"Who wants to see the first game and the best quarterback is not on the field?"