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FOXBORO -- It looked so natural Sunday: Tom Brady talking with the media after practice, discussing the state of the Patriots, doing the things he did as a matter of routine before Deflategate prompted him to go into a self-imposed bubble last year.

And that, thinks Tom E. Curran, is because Brady is happy to have the whole smelly episode behind him . . . even if he accepted defeat and decided to serve Roger Goodell's absurd four-game suspension.

"I think he is somewhat at peace with what he's decided to do," Curran told Tom Giles on Sunday evening's SportsNet Central.

"I think it's a stretch to say if we continued to plumb, we wouldn't be able to drag some things out of him (on his feelings about Deflategate) if we had the alloted amount of time . . . " said Curran. "But right now I think he's happy to have it past him . . . "

As is everyone

"[It's] interesting," said Curran, "when you look at how long we spent (on Deflategate) . . . and now it's just dried up and become a thing of the past."