At this point, neither the NFL or the Patriots look good in light of Deflategate.

After the league came under fire for what many considered too heavy a suspension for New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, commissioner Roger Goodell only made things worse when he appointed himself to hear Brady's appeal. 

"He’s done everything he could to preserve his ability to hear the appeal, mainly by appointing Troy Vincent," Tom E. Curran said of Goodell. "The CBA is littered with these consistencies and that is the problem of this. The chances are excellent he will not recuse himself because they have taken steps that allow him to do so. 

No matter what Goodell decides in the hearing, it won't be pretty, according to Curran. 

"He’s probably going to get it stuffed back in his face anyways. He could save face and get out of it now, but I don't think he will."