Soon after Tom Brady announced that he would not continue to pursue his case against the NFL in court and accept his four-game suspension, Bovada released its odds for Super Bowl LI.

Despite the fact that the Patriots quarterback will miss 25 percent of the regular season, they are still the favorites to hoist the Lombardi Trophy.

"Even though Tom Brady will be suspended for the first four games of the season it has not really affected the Patriots Super Bowl odds for a variety of reasons," Sportsbook Manager Kevin Bradley said in a statement. "First, they have a fairly easy first four matchups with the exception of playing on the road in Arizona, which would have been a tough game even if Brady was playing. Also, considering how weak their division is they are still -200 favorites to win it as there is no obvious threat. Lastly, when we went through this situation last year we raised the Patriots odds with the suspension news to around 10-1 and saw a ton of money on them even though people assumed Brady was not going to be playing the first four games, so we will not make that same mistake again."

Here's the full list of Super Bowl LI odds from Bovada . . . 

New England Patriots (6/1)

Green Bay Packers (17/2)

Seattle Seahawks (9/1)

Arizona Cardinals (12/1)

Carolina Panthers (12/1)

Pittsburgh Steelers (12/1)

Minnesota Vikings (16/1)

Cincinnati Bengals (18/1)

Dallas Cowboys (18/1)

Denver Broncos (18/1)

New York Giants (25/1)

Oakland Raiders (25/1)

Indianapolis Colts (28/1)


Kansas City Chiefs (28/1)

Baltimore Ravens (33/1)

Houston Texans (33/1)

Jacksonville Jaguars (40/1)

Atlanta Falcons (50/1)

Chicago Bears (50/1)

New York Jets (50/1)

Washington Redskins (50/1)

Buffalo Bills (66/1)

Detroit Lions (66/1)

Los Angeles Rams (66/1)

Miami Dolphins (66/1)

New Orleans Saints (66/1)

Philadelphia Eagles (66/1)

San Diego Chargers (66/1)

Tennessee Titans (66/1)

Cleveland Browns (100/1)

San Francisco 49ers (100/1)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (100/1)