James White . . . Steven Jackson . . . Montee Ball . . . who should be the Patriots running back?

Well, what if it doesn't make a difference?

Dan Koppen joined Town Fair Tire Sports Tonight to discuss if it actually matters who the Patriots running back is during the playoffs, and he doesn't think signing a new player would make a notable impact.

“[LeGarrette] Blount, it stinks that you’re on IR,” said Koppen. “But I think it’s one of those guys you can plug in.”

But Andy Gresh disagrees.

“They’re a game plan run team,” said Gresh. “There are times Belichick looks at the other defense and says, ‘they suck at stopping the run, we’re gonna pound it at them.’ So the style of back can change based on the opponent.”

Watch the video above for the entire conversation.