In the wake of Dominique Easley’s release last week, I spent time mining for reasons why.

Not surprisingly, the picture I was presented with wasn’t that flattering. Teams don’t release players productive players on a whim, there’s gotta be a cause.

What I got back was that Easley wasn’t some diabolical, irredeemable miscreant. He was just steadfast in not doing things he was asked or expected to do and – as a young player who might have some influence – had the potential to do more harm than good with the way he operated.

And that view wasn’t unanimous. One of his teammates said he loved Easley and the energy he brought.  

So, it doesn’t surprise me to hear Easley’s former defensive coordinator at Florida, Falcons coach Dan Quinn, express admiration for Easley.

There are varied opinions on the young man.

“He is a fantastic competitor,” Quinn said, via the Atlanta Journal Constitution. “Honestly, a guy I have great history with. We’ve talked since he’s been released. We’ll kind of leave it there. There’s nothing to report today. He’s someone that I think the world of.”


Some team is going to sign Easley and – while there are no guarantees that whatever irked the Patriots will be excised from his repertoire – he could be one of the few players the Pats cut loose that does go on to make a long-standing impact someplace else.