Marshall Faulk is having a hard time letting go.

The former Rams running back and Pro Football Hall of Famer is still under the impression that New England taped a St. Louis walkthrough leading up to Super Bowl XXXVI. It's a belief he's held for years -- despite the fact that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has said there is no evidence that the Patriots taped the Rams illegally -- and one he touched on briefly during a conversation with Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio. 

What could convince Faulk that the Patriots had done nothing nefarious in their preparation for the Greatest Show on Turf, Florio asked?

"We could all see the tapes," Faulk said, "and see what they saw and then that would end it. But we know that's not possible."

To see the Patriots-centric portion of the conversation between Faulk and Florio, fast-forward to the 4:40 mark in the video below. 

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