UPDATE, 11:20 A.M.: I asked Wes Welker via text if he was indeed heading up to work with Brady during his suspension. His reply, "Not that I know of." Eh, it's early yet. Let's not let all that get in the way of a good conjecture.

Watching this NESN interview with Kevin Faulk, it seems he’s just spitballing when he says he’s “almost positive” Tom Brady will work out with Wes Welker and “will probably” call Randy Moss as well.

In other words, don’t take it all the way to the bank. But it does seem logical, especially in the case of Welker. 

This is what Faulk had to say to NESN's Larry Ridley when asked about Brady working out during suspension.

“He’s definitely gonna work,” said Faulk. “No doubt in my mind. He’s probably gonna do the same regimen he’s been doing for the last however many years he’s been playing football. I’m almost positive Wes Welker is gonna be there and (Brady) probably will reach out to Randy and Randy will come because Randy’s in good shape.”

I reached out to Welker to confirm that he’s in and haven’t yet heard back. As for Moss, who just signed a deal to do in-studio analysis with ESPN, it makes sense if he’s in the area. 


At first thought, it would be a good idea to have an ibuprofen dispenser on the sideline with the soon-to-be-39-year-old Brady throwing to the 39-year-old Moss and the 35-year-old Welker.

But I saw Welker less than a month ago and he’s still in terrific shape after playing last year with the Rams. Moss, meanwhile, could drop off by 30 percent from his playing days and still be as fast as half the receivers in the league.

Aside from the conditioning, both players are going to understand the nuances of route-running and give Brady the looks he’ll want to keep sharp during his month-long suspension.

It wouldn’t be a surprise if Brady also hooked up with any wideouts, tight ends or backs the Patriots release early in camp.

Where, when and with whom Brady works out will likely be a closely-guarded secret throughout September. But he’s not going to be leaving much of a dent in his couch.