Felger: In Deflategate, Roger Goodell's the clear winner

/ by Mike Felger
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Not to piss in your cornflakes and crap on your clown towels, but something strikes me amid the Roger Goodall frenzy here in Boston.

You guys realize he won, right?


I can hear your answer: "Ah, but Felgah, he tried to destroy us and we won the Super Bowl. Again.’’

Congrats on another banner, but you’re wrong about what Roger wanted. His goals in Deflategate were these, in order:

1. Maintain the support of the important owners in the league
2. Atone for what those owners felt was an underpunishment for Spygate
3. Re-establish the powers of Article 46
4. Consolidate his power and enhance his standing as commissioner

Sorry, but he went 4-for-4.

1. Not only did he maintain the support of owners, he didn’t even lose Robert Kraft.
2. The overpunishment of Brady speaks for itself and satisfied everyone on the Spygate front.
3. Article 46 has never been stronger thanks to Brady’s loss at the Federal appellate level.
4. Goodell’s new five-year extension (certainly worth north of $100 million) means he isn’t going anywhere.

I’m not even sure he was stung by you winning another Super Bowl. It wasn’t on his list of priorities. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if he secretly wanted it. It made it easier to keep relations with Kraft and, in his mind, made everyone whole.

So I guess, to sum up, what I’m saying today is this:

He won and those towels are stupid.


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