The talent level that tight end Martellus Bennett will bring to the Patriots in 2016 is not in question.

At 6-foot-7, 273 pounds, he has the size to wall off defenders as a receiver and move them as a blocker in the running game. When paired with Rob Gronkowski, he figures to be an especially difficult matchup, particularly in the red zone where there's a premium placed on getting open in tight spaces. 

Following Bennett to New England, though, is an off-the-field reputation that nagged him in Chicago. He was perceived as unhappy in his role in the Bears offense in 2014, and that led to disagreements with higher-ups. 

One of those higher-ups, coach John Fox, spoke at the NFC coaches breakfast on Wednesday and touched on the trade that sent Bennett and a sixth-round pick to the Patriots in exchange for a fourth-rounder. 

"Very talented, big body, good in-line blocker," Fox said of Bennett. "I think in their case, when you start looking at who they could put him next to, I'm sure that excited them. I'm not going to talk to Bill [Belichick] at length about how he's going to play him or what they're going to do with him, but he's got skins on the wall. He's got good production."

When asked about Bennett's personality off the field, Fox was deliberate in his word choice, but eventually spoke of his former player in a complimentary way.

"He's got personality . . . He's a nice young man," Fox said. "He's got an interesting personality, for sure. It's not malicious or bad. He's a great kid."