HOUSTON -- Jimmy Garoppolo knows there's a chance that Super Bowl LI will be his last time playing in a Patriots uniform. There's no way he couldn't. He's been peppered with questions this week about that very possibility. 


"Well, to be honest, I really haven’t thought about it much," Garoppolo said Wednesday. "It’s kind of . . . not even in the back of my mind. We’re focused on the Falcons this week. It’s a big week for us, biggest of the year, so that’s kind of where my mind is."

Garoppolo may be focused on learning the Patriots game plan for Atlanta's young and athletic defense. He may be ready to take over as scout-team quarterback when third-stringer Jacoby Brissett isn't doing his best Matt Ryan impersonation.

But the fact remains, Tom Brady's primary backup has been the subject of a handful of trade rumors this week. 

It was reported by Mary Kay Cabot of earlier this week that the Browns will be interested in dealing for Garoppolo if they don't like this year's quarterback draft class. There have also been rumblings that the Bears and 49ers could be interested in the pride of Eastern Illinois.

For Garoppolo, it has to be somewhat of an odd situation. Not only does he have to be ready to quarterback the Patriots in the Super Bowl at the drop of a hat, but he's spending portions of this week being asked to predict his future and opine on organizations he doesn't know.


He's done his best to keep his focus on the task at hand, though, and if he needs advice on the business end of things he knows he can turn to agent Don Yee who's stoicism was detailed in this piece from Patriots Insider Tom E. Curran

However Garoppolo navigates a week wrought with impossible-to-ignore queries on his future, what's important to him first and foremost is to be ready for Sunday. He knows he's one play away from the Patriots needing him.

"I’m sure we’ll cross that bridge when we get there," he said of the trade speculation that's followed him, "but now we don’t even glance an eye at it."