Brady can’t throw anymore!

Brady is inaccurate!

How did Brady miss Edelman?!

Brady is old!

Slow down, people. How about a little loyalty here?

Like the rest of us, Tom Brady has aged. He struggled in the second half against the Dolphins. But if any player deserves our patience, it's him.

First of all, no quarterback is going to look good with the pressure the Dolphins put on the Pats in the second half. Secondly, this guy has done too much for the New England sports scene to be crushed this soon.

He changed our culture. He and the Patriots were the first to give Gerry Callahan a reason to say we had become Title Town USA. In his first Super Bowl appearance, in February 2002, he rose to the occasion and marched his team down the field -- much to the surprise of John Madden -- and put Adam Vinatieri in position to make history.

Then of course, there would be two more titles in four more Super Bowl appearances. Of course he didn’t do it alone, but he set the tone. He led by example by demanding excellence of himself and of others.

So when I hear things like, “Hey, Manning keeps his routes simple for his receivers. Why can’t Brady?”, I want to throw up. Get a grip!

Look, his time is coming. It happens to everyone.

Let’s just remember what Tom Brady has done for us before we turn our backs on him.