HOUSTON -- Lady Gaga was noncommittal throughout her press conference in Houston Thursday, carefully choosing her words as she discussed her upcoming halftime show performance at Super Bowl LI. All in all, her press conference was a rather boring affair. 


Yet while Gaga tried to not give much away when asked about things such as a Beyonce appearance or a potential anti-Trump statement, Patriots fans could at least read into her fashion choice. 

Known for a whimsical wardrobe earlier in her career, Gaga took the stage at George R. Brown Convention Center wearing a Patriots-esque navy, red and silver dress. She did not say when asked which team she is picking to win. 

“I actually am going to keep that one to myself for a variety of reasons. Not just you guys; I have a big family and they’re all coming and it’s going to be an argument, I think, if I give that away too soon,” she said. “But I’m going to write it down and put it in my shoe and I’ll let you know. After the halftime show I’ll reveal my pick. How about that?”

On the subject of Beyonce, Gaga said to not take her recent Instagram photo with a bee caption as a sign that Beyonce will perform with her. She said that any statements she makes Sunday will be in line with the statements she's made throughout her career. Gaga is a strong LGBT advocate and supported Hillary Clinton in the presidential election. 


Luke Bryan, who will sing the national anthem, hails from Leesburg, Georgia. He said that he is a Falcons fan and is rooting for his hometown team, but did manage to sneak in a casual brag about selling out Gillette Stadium.