Though the Patriots don't have a first-round pick in this year's draft, they do possess 11 selections, giving them some flexibility to maneuver up or down the draft board if they can find willing trade partners.

Given that they won't be on the clock until pick No. 60 overall, they could be enticed to package a series of picks to move up in the second round or even potentially into the bottom of the first round. (The Patriots will be docked the best of their first-round picks should they end up with more than one.)

Bill Belichick and his staff are also looking at a 100-pick wait between the end of the third round (they possess pick No. 96 overall) and the end of the sixth round (No. 196 overall). In all likelihood, the team would like to spread out its choices so that it doesn't have to wait two rounds in between picks. But as Belichick often points out, they can't move up or down on their own. They'll have to find partner.

Here's a snapshot of the team's 11 picks -- including their four compensatory selections, which can't be traded* -- after the NFL published the draft order for all 32 teams on Tuesday:

* Second round, pick No. 29, No. 60 overall
* Second round, pick No. 30, No. 61 overall (from Arizona)
* Third round, pick No. 29, No. 91 overall
* Third round, pick No. 34, No. 96 overall (compensatory pick)
* Sixth round, pick No. 21, No. 196 overall (from Houston)
* Sixth round, pick No. 29, No. 204 overall (reacquired from Chicago)
* Sixth round, pick No. 33, No. 208 overall (compensatory pick)
* Sixth round, pick No. 39, No. 214 overall (compensatory pick)
* Sixth round, pick No. 46, No. 221 overall (compensatory pick)
* Seventh round, pick No. 22, No. 243 overall (from Houston)
* Seventh round, pick No. 29, No. 250 overall