Harold Nash, the Patriots strength and conditioning coach since 2011, is parting ways with the team, according to sources.

Word is that Nash, whose contract with the team expired, may land in Detroit. Assistant strength coach Moses Cabrera is remaining with the team.

Nash took over as strength coach in 2011, succeeding Mike Woicik, the Pats longtime strength coach. While the Patriots suffered an eye-popping number of injuries in 2015, the 2014 season was - by contrast - almost injury-free. In other words, it's impossible to draw a direct-line correlation between anything Nash did or didn't do and the team's rash of injuries.

Bill Belichick did say, however, the team would spend time investigating all the injury data from 2015 and see what conclusions it reaches about their training methods.

It is worth noting that Tom Brady, at the age of 38, took an insane physical pounding on Sunday in Denver and despite that and playing at altitude, was still able to make it through fresh as a daisy. The resistance-band/flexibility/don't-drink-Coke practices Brady subjects himself to under the tutelage of body coach Alex Guerrero certainly seems to work.

Mike Reiss of ESPN Boston had the Nash news first.