With the Patriots playing the Bills on Monday Night Football, our good friends from ESPN are in town to broadcast the game.

That means we get to hear a bunch of nonsense out of the talking heads prior to its start.

And nobody provides more nonsense than Ray Lewis.

Lewis played for 16 seasons in Baltimore, nine of which were under Rex Ryan when Ryan was a defensive line coach and then defensive coordinator from 1999 to 2008. The two obviously became close during that time. But did they become so close that Lewis would just blindly choose playing for Ryan over playing for Bill Belichick?

Apparently. Lewis said before Monday's kickoff that if he had the choice of which head coach to play for, it would be Ryan, and not Belichick, who has four Super Bowl rings to his name as a head coach.

Surprised? You really shouldn't be.

". . . I'm not choosing nobody else but Rex Ryan," Lewis said. "If you're asking me Bill Belichick or Rex Ryan, I'm taking Rex Ryan all day because Rex relates to players as well as myself more like a father."

World's greatest dad? That's a debate we could have all day. But when it comes to world's greatest coach, that's an easy one. And it ain't Ryan.

But if any coach and player were meant for each other, it's Ryan and Lewis.

h/t to Barstool Sports for the link.