FOXBORO – It’s easy to see Geneo Grissom could be a pretty engaging guy. But “engaging” isn’t in the job description for a newly-minted Patriots rookie. So the hybrid defensive end/linebacker from Oklahoma politely refused to engage with media on Thursday.

“Just trying to get better every day. Just trying to do my job and make the team,” was Grissom’s answer to the first question posed during an interview session. That’s how it went for the better part of 20 minutes on the Gillette Stadium field.

Grissom, Shaq Mason, Tre Jackson and Trey Flowers were introduced to the media as Phase Three of OTAs continued this week. Normally, the local media’s long-since met with the rookies. But the Wells Report fallout caused the team to pass on putting the new guys in a fishbowl.

The lead time the players got in the system meant there would be no verbal slips or unnecessary candor.

Asked how he liked New England, Grissom was short and direct. “New England’s amazing. Glad to be here, it’s an honor to be here and I’m ready to work.”

Learning from older players? “You gotta take everything you can from the veterans. They’ve been here, they know what they’re doing and anything they can give me that’ll help me, I’m gonna absorb it.”

Joining a team coming off a Super Bowl win? “It’s an honor to be here. I just came here to do my job and potentially make the 53-man roster.”

Relishing a chance to play multiple spots? “Absolutely, I love this game and the opportunity to play for a team that does bounce guys around is awesome.”

What is your strength…? “(Long pause…big smile)….I’m just here to get better guys…”

Are you nervous to speak right now? “Yeah,” Grissom grinned. “You don’t want to say the wrong thing.”

Grissom passed. As did offensive linemen Mason and Jackson.

The most candid of the four rookies was Arkansas defensive end Trey Flowers.

Asked about his impressions of Bill Belichick, Flowers took a run at answering.

“He holds his players to a standard,” he said. “He’s got it on his wall near the door when you come in: ‘Do your job’ and put the team first. He has a list of rules I guess you could say and he’s gonna hold players to that standard. I can take any type of coaching . . . once I know the standard I hold myself to that standard. I understand the expectations and observe what the veterans do and how they handle things. There’s a lot of guys I can look up to in terms of how to learn to be a pro. Just understanding the expectation and go to work and have in the back of my mind that there is something I have to live up to.”

On Friday, the rookies will see as they leave the practice field just how some veterans interact with the media. It’s our first 2015 access to players. My guess? The work of Grissom, Flowers and Co. on Thursday will measure up well.