The last time we saw Julian Edelman practice - really practice - was back on August the 2nd. He got injured that day. It appeared to be to his lower left leg but there are no injury reports in the preseason. Since then, Edelman has returned to the field on a consistent basis, but only for stretching before exiting to wherever and to do whatever his body will allow him. That’s been unpleasant.

"Any time you’re not able to go out there and play it’s difficult, but it’s part of the game," said Edelman. ”I’m just working hard, doing everything I can each and every day to improve myself each and every day."

Through sources, my understanding is that Edelman could have played in either of the last two preseason games had they actually mattered, but the Pats are taking a cautious approach with their best receiver and punt returner. So one would assume then, that Edelman will be a go when Week 1 rolls around. However, the veteran pass catcher doesn’t want to court trouble from the big boss.

“Ask Bill (Belichick),” Edelman said. “I’m taking it day by day and I think I’m 10 seconds better than the last 10 seconds, so we’re good.”

But safe to say, for someone who loves competing and excels at the game, Edelman is looking forward to the day when he gets the green light.

"When that comes it’s going to be awesome," he said. "That’s what you play the game for.”