Per reports, Adrian Peterson, admitted child beater, will visit the New England Patriots today.

Also today, the prosecution rested in the double murder trial of former Patriot Aaron Hernandez.

W T F!

I thought the latter taught the Patriots their lesson, so the former would not occur. Peterson is a future Hall-of-Fame running back. In 2015 he rushed for 1,485 yards and last season was hurt.  At the age of 32, he’s probably done. But, even if he isn’t, I don’t want him playing for the Patriots. I don’t want the guy in the state. 

During his trial for physically abusing his four year – FOUR YEAR OLD – son he tried to sell us the excuse that his parents beat him so he did the same to his son because it was part of his culture. I realize psychology tells us this is typical behavior, but I never understood why.  If a person suffered the pain and humiliation of being smacked around by Mom and Dad, wouldn’t they want to protect their own child from such deviancy? 

What I found even more disturbing are those who want to give Peterson a pass. Huh? Then a co-worker lays on me if Peterson was 22, I would want him on the Patriots. NO! Damn it people, there comes a time when in Bill We Trust does not out weight common decency.

Adrian Peterson should never step on Gillette Stadium soil.