Ten thoughts about Brady’s appeal . . .

1. For all I know, the basement of NFL headquarters may be five-star. Still, it sounds bad that this circus is taking place in the cellar. There isn’t a room in the palatial offices of the NFL that can handle 40 people?

2. What if more than 40 people had attended? Overflow seating perhaps, with a large screen TV under a white tent on the Park Avenue sidewalk?

3. No doubt one of the 40 attendees is the Brady family photographer. How long until Giselle has her hunky hubby looking Suit Game Strong on the stand on Instagram?

4. Who puts Brady under oath? Perhaps Bull from Night Court or Rusty Burrell, the bailiff of Judge Wapner fame.

5. Does Roger wear a robe like Judge Judy?

6. In a fight, Judge Judy or the NFL commish? She would kick his ass.

7. Does Ted Wells get to cross-examine Brady? If so, it has to end up on YouTube!

8. “Ted Wells -- A Football Life of an Independent Investigator” will debut on NFL Network tonight.

9. Jeffrey Kessler just smiles and takes all of this in and licks his chops thinking about court. Common sense tells us Brady is guilty, but common sense and the NFL is an oxymoron.

10. This is going to court. Kessler will chew the NFL up. And I don’t think the hearing will be in the basement.