Fifteen years later, Tim Brown isn't letting it go. 

The former Raiders wide receiver, and Pro Football Hall of Famer, says Tom Brady owes his starting job to beating Oakland in the epic "Snow Bowl" playoff game in Foxboro in 2002, and, of course, Brown says the Patriots owe that victory to the "Tuck Rule" that allowed what was initially called a Brady fumble to be overturned.


The rest is history. The Pats, behind Brady, went on to win their first Super Bowl over the Rams. And it's that history that had Brown still bitter (though we're hoping it was a little tongue-in-cheek) when he appeared Wednesday on the NFL Network's "Good Morning Football" at Super Bowl LI in Houston.

“I tell people all the time, if Tom Brady would just start out every interview saying, ‘I wanna thank the Oakland Raiders,’ I’d be happy and I’d let it go,” Brown told former "Quick Slants" co-host Kay Adams and company. “But until that day happens, I’m not gonna let it go. Because think about this — if he loses that game, he’s a kid who lost a home game to a west coast team in the snow. So, he’s not starting the next year. Because we were the Raiders, any other team, that game is over. Because it was the Raiders, it took them 12 minutes to come up with an answer.”


So, if the call goes the Raiders way, Drew Bledsoe returns as the Patriots starter the next season and Brady heads down the career backup QB highway. 

Okay, keep thinking that, Tim.