Until Tom Brady, no player had ever been unanimously voted NFL MVP. That happened in 2010 and hasn’t been repeated since.

Until Steph Curry, no player had ever been unanimously voted NBA MVP. That happened Tuesday, the perfect chaser to Curry’s Monday night masterpiece against the Blazers.

Brady didn’t stay up for the game – which ended at 1:40 a.m. EST – but he saw the highlights of what his Under Armour business partner did for Brady’s hometown Warriors.

Curry, in his first game back after a knee injury sidelined him on April 26, scored 17 of his 40 points in overtime. Curry and Brady both have equity stakes in the performance apparel firm Under Armour.

“He is such a dominant player and so much fun to watch,” Brady said in an email Tuesday afternoon. “I grew up loving the Warriors and can’t believe they are achieving the type of success now that they never did in the past. Steph is a huge part of that and I love how Jerry West (a member of the Warriors executive board since 2011) helped build the team. I am a big fan of his also.”

Brady got his slice of UA in 2010 after his contract with Nike ran out. Curry also went from Nike to UA and the story of how that went down is fascinating. Between Brady, Curry, Jordan Spieth, Cam Newton and Bryce Harper, Under Armour’s stable is loaded at the top.


There’s some commonality in Brady and Curry’s backstories. Neither was the bluest of blue chip recruits coming out of high school. Both were overlooked somewhat coming out of college. Neither was an immediate smash at the pro level.

Now, both are at the top. And that’s good for business.

“I know how hard Steph works and how great of a team player he is,” said Brady. “He must be really smart for choosing to sign with UA – nobody is more up and coming than them. Makes for a great team.”